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Since 2009, our name has become synonymous with dedication, commitment, and excellence to each new development we are a part of. After more than a decade of outstanding partnership and collaboration under the EDGAR brand, an exciting new chapter commenced as Edmonton's office of EDGAR rebranded to Autograph in 2023.

Autograph will provide the same values, quality, and meticulous attention to detail you’ve come to know with EDGAR, and is proud to leave its distinctive mark on the community that will be felt for generations to come. With each development, our signature is etched into an evolving story we’re proud to be a part of as we continue to make a positive, lasting impact with everything we build here in Alberta-and beyond.,0,673,1001

Always leave a lasting, positive mark.

Create. Collaborate. Construct.

By fostering collaboration, our team works to deliver high quality, attractive assets that have healthy sustainable yields. We cultivate meaningful partnerships and engage closely with key stakeholders throughout the entire development process, ensuring that our collective vision materializes sustainably.

We firmly believe in the collective impact of our work and acknowledge the meaningful influence that each contribution can have.

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Create a lasting signature.

We create bold, standout designs. We believe that curiosity creates. We welcome those who strive for never-before-seen. So, are you ready to leave your mark?

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